Integral Wellbeing

Our health will start to improve as we begin to take responsibility for it, both physically and emotionally. Our body should never get sick and you do so due to a antifisiológica diet, sedentary lifestyle and emotional conflict. Our body cries sometimes we hear him. If we begin to listen to our bodies and eat and act as we indicated, we will begin to feel much better. When we identify the emotional core conflict, when we begin to forgive, not only to others but to ourselves, when we started eating healthily - 20% acid 80% alkaline, Cando look nutritional deficiencies we have and adjust our diet and take the supplements needed, when we started to get some exercise, when we started to laugh or mourn more than complain, when we learn to breathe correctly and be silent ourselves trying to empty our minds (meditation is a good example), then our body will respond better and our body will start to heal itself. It may be a long process but a long journey begins when you take the first step ...

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